Doula-N-Da-Middle, LLC

Interview Questions

Why did you become a doula?

I became a doula because I desire to be a positive support for birthing families, especially those that are seeking to have a non-medical experience according to their narrative.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. Once a contract has been given, the payment options will be offered. Military discounts and health insurances are accepted as well.

Do accept insurance?

Yes I am able to accept most insurances. However, please ensure your insurance covers doula support services. You will receive a detailed receipt for your records.

What are your fees?

I have several packages available and each birth is priced differently. It can be as low as $750 and can exceed $1500. It all depends on the need and services desired. No package is solid, they can and will be amended to fit the clients needs. My postpartum rates are hourly, ranging from $35-45 an hour.

Do you have an hourly rate?

Yes. It will be a 3 hour minimum. I also have daily rates.

What if I only need/want a doula for my actual birth?

If you desire to have my support for just the birth portion of your pregnancy, the hourly/daily rate will apply plus a non-refundable retainer fee due at contract signing.

Do you assist in hospitals & birth centers?

Yes, I will support you in any setting that you choose to have your child born. Precautions will be taken in any setting to ensure everyone is following CDC Covid-19 precautions.

What is your protocol if you cannot make my birth?

I have my schedule set and ready to be available to assist in all births I am contracted. Nevertheless, in the event I will not be able to attend, I am a part of a wonderful network of doulas that will happily step in to assist. This will be addressed further in detail during the formal interview.

Will my partner feel less needed with a doula present?

NEVER!!! My role as your birth assistant is to empower both of you. I will interview, if possible with both of you. I will answer both of your questions and help resolve any doubts either of you have, if possible. Your partner will be reassured and encouraged to bring their continued support to you, a doula is an addition to that.

Do you support LGBTQIA+ ?

ABOSLUTELY!!! Your family makeup will never deter me from assisting you. A doula will support you to advocate for the care you desire and ensure you are respected throughout the entire process where modern medicine falls short.